What is to give light must endure burning. ~Victor Frankl

There are a variety of reasons people may choose to do sessions via Skype, or sometimes by phone: you may have a chronic illness that makes it difficult to get across town on a regular basis; or you may travel periodically throughout the year yet still want to maintain consistent weekly sessions; or perhaps you have moved or you live at a distance, and yet you still want to partake in this inner work together. These are some of the many reasons I have made Skype sessions available to my clients. People often ask me if meeting via Skype is effective and feels safe enough as a mode to do deep inner work. Ultimately, we need to discover together whether Skype sessions work for you and are appropriate for your particular situation. However, my experience thus far in working with people from around the world over several years is that for many people, Skype sessions are very effective and clearly maintain the intimate feeling of being in the room together. Most often I have found phone sessions tend to work best for temporary stretches (i.e., an illness, recovery from surgery). Though in some cases, however, I have worked with people over the phone for many years, though that tends to be the exception. In general, I feel it is important to see one another, whether it be in person in the consulting room, or via Skype. Let us discover together whether working via Skype may be the right avenue for your inner work.