Women and Alcohol

Do you wonder if your relationship with alcohol has gotten out of your control?

Have you promised yourself that you would cut back or quit, and found you just could not seem to do it?

Are you a capable and accomplished woman in control of most other areas of your life with the exception of alcohol?

Do you hide some of your alcohol consumption from family and friends?

Do you suffer from hangovers that compromise your ability to be fresh and clear-minded?

Do you find yourself googling alcoholism and other alcohol related research?

Many women privately struggle with these considerations but are afraid to seek help due to the stigma associated with alcohol issues. The negative image associated with alcoholism is particularly strong for women, yet there is a growing number of women around the world who silently suffer from alcohol-related issues.

There is nothing to be ashamed of and the fact that you are reading this is a testament of your courage!

With most addictions we assume it is the addictive substance that is the cause of the problem (nicotine, for example). However, with alcohol dependence or addiction we tend to blame the person, the assumption being they just don’t have enough will power to cut back or quit.

There is so much help out there for you!

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation. We can explore together whether I may be able to support you with your journey related to alcohol.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you,